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Hot Focus
Hot Focus
Hot Focus
Hot Focus is a fun, innovative, trendy and non-toxin US girls' accessories brand which customers are children between ages 5 to 15.
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Hot Focus Adorable Beauty Set (180BFC)
• A perfect gift for little girls. It comes with scented peel-off nail polish, scented lip balm ring and a lovely bracelet to match any outfit.
• Contains:
- 1 nail polish
- 1 lip balm ring
- 1 bracelet
• For ages 5 years++


Hot Focus Beauty Color Nail Polish Set Magic Friends (172MF)
• Create a beautiful manicure with this ring and nail polish kit.
• Contains:
- 3 scented nail polishes
- 3 rings


Hot Focus Body Art Glitter Tattoo Ocean (051OB)
• Perfect for creating temporary tattoos on your body with these beautiful glitter tattoo pens in different colors.
• Non-toxin and easily removed with soap and water.
• Contains:
- 4 glitter tattoo pens
- 6 reusable stencils
- 1 sheet of jewel stickers
- 1 sheet of metallic earrings and ring tattoos


Hot Focus Card Making Set (254UC)
• Contains:
- 2 rolls of Washi tapes
- 5 large blank cards
- 5 large envelopes
- 5 small blank cards
- 5 small envelopes
- 5 tags
- 3 gel pens
- 1 sheet of initial stickers


Hot Focus Color-Me Notebook Set Mermaid (323MM)
• This fun shaped notebook set comes with stencils, bling adhesive patches, stickers and more.
• Featuring erasable colored pencils for the creative girls to express themselves.
• Contains:
- 1 notebook
- 1 sticky notepad
- 1 sheet of stickers
- 6 erasable colored pencils
- 1 sheet of stencils
- 1 sheet of adhesive patches
- 1 reusable pouch with Pom Pom


Hot Focus Denim Tattoo (196C)
• Girls can place these tattoos on their Denim shirts to looks more trendy.
• Suitable for girls ages 5 years and above.
• Contains:
- 2 sheets of Denim tattoos
- 1 jewel sticker
- 1 wooden stick


Hot Focus Glamour Metallic Body Set (508B)
• This kit is both interactive and entertaining, and offers a fun and artistic activity for a rainy day.
• Contains:
-Body/Foil Tattoo
-Shimmer Powder
-Body Glue